You are walking out of the store and return to you old but cherished 15-year-old ride only realize your car will not turn over. Go figure…. you are in a hurry and were already running behind. So, now what do you do? You try giving it a little gas to flood the engine a bit but it still won’t kick over. You listen to the cranking sound over and over hoping that something just clicks and turns over. But, alas, nothing happens and you submit to needing to call someone for help.

Questions race through your mind. Should you call your Uncle Jim who is close and could probably come jump you if it’s your battery. Oh wait, you realize he is working this weekend. Should you call your friend John who owns an automotive shop on the other end of town? Or…. should you just start looking for a tow company and start calling around getting quotes?

After 5 frantic minutes of internal dialogue and banter, you decide you should start calling around for prices. You begin by pulling out the ever-so-convenient smartphone and begin typing “towing company near me”. Fifteen results show up in the maps section as being close to you. But, how do you decide who to work with? Do you go by the company with the best star rating…. 5 stars!! Oh wait, they only had 2 reviews, whereas the other companies had over 20 reviews but they are only averaging 3.5 stars. Do you sit roadside in dire need of a tow, and begin reading through pages and pages of customer reviews to determine who is the most trustworthy and the best company?

You decide to begin calling companies starting with the first result. Because oc’mon the top result is always the best right? The first answer is a man who sounds like he just woke up and he sounds almost irritated that you are calling him. Interesting. Ok, so what is your price, you ask. He responds and you are blown away that it is going to take 45 minutes for them to get there and that it is over $100 to only travel 2 miles with a small 4-cylinder front-wheel-drive car. Shall we say, next! Your next few calls also result in less than satisfactory results and you begin adding more frustration to an already stressful predicament. Your search ensues until finally, you reach an eagerly pleasant man who greets you, asks for your current location and destination with respect. The price you are quoted is not the lowest, but it is very competitive and fair. You are informed your wait will be 25 minutes and “don’t worry, I got you”. You feel that you have found the right company and you agree for them to come assist you.

All too commonly, determining a good reliable towing company is not easily determined by simply searching online. Calling around and going by your gut instincts when interacting over the telephone will provide you with more than enough information to help you decide which towing company you want to work with. Simple old-fashioned manners and common courtesies are evident through interactions in most cases. Trust your instincts and turn away a company that gives you any reason to question their integrity. You could always call our trustworthy company at Allentown Towing Services in Allentown, PA when you are in the Lehigh Valley for reliable high-quality customer service.

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