Transporting your vehicle from the scene of an accident or breakdown to an auto shop or any other preferred location is a risky task. Dragging your vehicle can cause serious damage to the transmission. So, which is the best way to tow your vehicle? First of all, understand that hiring a professional towing service will provide you with the support needed at that stressful moment and transport your vehicle to where you want.

One of the factors to consider before choosing a towing company is their towing capabilities. These companies have many towing options that you can choose from. Flatbed towing is considered the best towing option for any type of vehicle. These types of trucks are designed to handle vehicles of any shape and weight. Here are top reasons to use flatbed tow trucks when towing your vehicle.

Best option that Prevents Further Damage to your Vehicle

Unlike the traditional towing methods, flatbed tow trucks allow all the wheels of a vehicle to be placed on the truck thereby preventing transmission damage, tire wear and damage to engine parts and other systems. Traditional towing methods involve pulling a vehicle with its front wheels raised or rather hoisted from the ground. Towing your vehicle using this method results in further damage especially when moving on a rough terrain.

Greater Safety on the Road

In addition to ensuring your vehicle’s safety, flatbed tow trucks ensure better safety of other vehicles on the road. Your vehicle is usually firmly strapped on the truck meaning it won’t keep swaying from one side to the other.


One of the limitations of traditional towing methods is that they cannot transport a wide range of vehicles. When it comes to flatbed towing, these trucks can load virtually anything that gets to align and fit on the flatbed. Whether it’s a motorcycle, exotic vehicles, cars, trucks, or SUVs, a flatbed tow truck can handle a wide range of vehicles.

It’s also important to note that flatbed towing saves a lot of time when loading a vehicle. Cars can be driven onto the flatbed platform or a winch used to safely load the vehicle up if it cannot be driven. The convenience that comes with this towing method is unbeatable. You don’t need to remove your vehicle’s drive shaft or any other part before loading it on the flatbed. The next time you need a tow consider using flatbed towing.